SAKURA SONIC CO., LTD has made contributions to Japanese society, with diverse operating experience from design, manufacture to repair of equipment, typically hydraulic systems.Inheriting those experiences, we established and developed SVJ Global Hydraulic Co., Ltd in VietnamEstablished: 1/6/2018Director: HIDEOKOBAYASHIBank: Mizuho CopOR HCMC branchAnd we established SVJ Global Hydraulic Co., Ltd

Main field of activity:

- Hydraulic system design

- Hydraulic system

- Maintenance

- Repair of industrial hydraulic systems

- Distributing hydraulics.We will answer your entire web site from service to technical inquiries related to your hydraulic equipment.

SVJ Global Hydraulics Co., Ltd has nearly 10 years of experience in the field of import and distribution of hydraulic equipment.

Company provides:

+ Hydraulic equipment: Hydraulic power unit, hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic hose, hydraulic coupling, hydraulic pump, hydraulic machine, ..

- With technology from Japan, the company is increasingly perfecting technology and responding to all customer requests.

- Talking about hydraulic pressure in Vietnam, we aim to become a widely recognized company with the name “SVJ”. We aspire to become a company that contributes to the development of Vietnam's industry.